Our Members

FISU Oceania has 12 member countries known as National University Sport Federations. Each Federation differs in size, structure and resources.

Become a member of FISU

Becoming a member of FISU and FISU Oceania provides several benefits. National University Sport Federations that become members of FISU automatically become members of FISU Oceania. This provides additional services. access to programs and support.

FISU membership benefits

Student participation | Students can compete at World University Summer/Winter Games, World University Championships and University World Cups.

Student development | Students can take part in FISU Volunteer Leaders Academy, World Forum, Young Reporters Program, World Championship Volunteer Program.

Administrators | NUSF administrators have access to attend seminars, strategic dialogues and the FISU General Assembly.

Individuals | Persons within member federations can speak and present at scientific seminars, nominate to be on a FISU Committee, apply for scholarship programs and nominate for Gender Equity Awards.

Other | Members have the opportunity to host FISU events, access project funding, take part in International Day of University Sport, access international networks, join the FISU Healthy Campus program and access reports, research and statistics relating to advocacy, dual career, facilities and academic papers.

Oceania membership benefits

MyUniSport Education Program | FISU Oceania members have access to the MyUniSport Education Program which focuses on event management for organising committees, managing travelling teams, clubs and varsity sports development.

Funding | FISU Oceania members can access funding to support projects, programs and events. This includes funding to support activities for International Day of University Sport.

Student participation | Students can compete in Oceania participation events and Oceania qualifying tournaments.

Administrators | NUSF administrators have the opportunity to attend the FISU Oceania General Assembly, strategic dialogues and NUSF seminar.

Other | FISU Oceania members can receive support in the areas of governance, team management for travelling teams, promotion of programs and mentoring. In addition, members can nominate a representative for the FISU Oceania Executive Committee.

To become a member of FISU and FISU Oceania, please contact FISU Oceania.