Samoa first to implement regional develoment program

Samoa has become the first NUSF member of FISU Oceania to implement the regional development program.

The regional development program allows member NUSFs to benefit from a staff member allocated to their NUSF to assist in development of the NUSF unisport goals. This person will also coordinate the local university games event in conjunction with the local organising committee.

Tony Siamomua has gratefully accepted the role of Regional Development Officer in Samoa. His appointment will complement his current work as the Student Welfare Officer/Campus Life Officer/Australia Awards Pacific Scholarship Officer at the University of South Pacific at its Alafua Campus in Apia.
In the first phase of the program, it is expected that regional development officers will be allocated to Samoa, Fiji and Papua New Guinea as these NUSFs have existing university games events. Funding dependant, the second phases will include other NUSFs. 
In return for a staff member to be based in their country, the NUSFs will be required to enter into a partnership with FISU Oceania and provide a number of logistical and operational aspects to ensure the staff member is able to conduct its role.