Samoa University Games a great success

Samoa Uni Games was held on the 18th to 19th of April 2015. The University Sports of Samoa coordinated the games with the support of the Students Associations of both Universities as well as our wonderful volunteers that helped out throughout the 2 days of competition. The two days turned out to be the most exciting days for most students as we witness the wonderful turn up and competitiveness all through the competition. The students had a great time at the games, not only those who competed but the audience who were there to support the players during the games and also the excitement from our volunteers who help out in different ways for the games.

We started off with the Opening Ceremony, opening prayer was conducted by the President of the National University of Samoa Student Association Andrew Tuigamala. Tuigamala stated in his opening remarks “This kind of competition is not only about striving to be the winner but also be a winner in building good discipline through sports”. The competition was between the two Universities, the University of the South Pacific and the National University of Samoa where each University registered teams to compete in the competition. The National University of Samoa was again the host for the Uni Games competition.

The committee of the University Sports of Samoa together with the Student Association of both Universities agreed to the four sports for competition in 2015, including Netball Mix, Men’s Rugby 7s, Soccer and Volleyball. There were 13 teams from the National University of Samoa (NUS) and 9 teams from the University of the South Pacific (USP). There were 4 teams of Netball from NUS and 1 team from the USP, 3 volleyball teams from NUS competed with 2 volleyball teams from USP, Rugby 7s consist of 4 teams each from USP and NUS and for Soccer each University had 2 registered teams.

The tournament was held over two days due to the availability of sports facilities. The competition kicked off on the 18th April with the Volleyball and Rugby 7s tournament while the Netball and Soccer competitions were held on Day2 to finish off the Uni Games on the 19th April. The University Sports of Samoa committee with the support of both Universities and Student Associations made it a very successful event.

Results of the Competition:
Netball- 1st place: NUS2
                2nd place: NUS1
Volleyball- 1st place: NUS3
                     2nd place: NUS1
Rugby 7s- 1st place: USP1
                   2nd place: NUS1
Soccer- 1st place: USP1
                2nd place: USP2
Report by: Tovaleinuupulea Solinuu