Local students aim perform well in Samoan beach volleyball tournament

Local students aim to perform well in Samoan beach volleyball tournament

In just about every village in Samoa, there is a volleyball net strung across an open area. There are no court markings and often no boundaries and no one counts how many are on the court. The game is played on a daily basis by children, students and adults alike. It's no wonder that talented players develop and that the sports popularity is second only to rugby on the island.

Whilst there are many students playing the game, there are a few students in particular making their mark on the sport. 

The local beach volleyball competition is played on sandy courts on the shores of the harbour in Apia, it sounds more idyllic than it is. These courts are rough, lines are marked by drawing the line in the sand between corner cones and there are no lights for night games. When the sun goes down, everyone lends a hand to pack up. The two courts can easily be missed as they stand behind the major government building. But boy do they attract great beach volleyball talent. 

Sopolemalama Tuitama has just started playing the sport, Hokmah Masoe has been playing for a few years. Both are students at the National University of Samoa. Sopolemalama is studying medicine and is in her final year. Hokmah is studying a Bachelor of Arts. Both agree that playing sport is a great way to relax from their busy study schedules and both aim to do their best in the upcoming beach volleyball tournament. We certainly wish them all the very best as they balance study and sport. Somehow we think these talented women will make it work and both will be very successful.