Day three of the FISU-NUSF Seminar was all about messaging and money with the focus of presentations and workshops on marketing and sponsorship.
Kicking off the penultimate day of the conference was an entertaining presentation by Dr Abdul Kalam from Bangladesh who not only shared his country’s event experience but also broke out in song much to the delight of the audience.
The Bangladesh presentation was followed by one from Chinese Taipei before guest speaker Jilly Holroyd, Venue Operations Manager at the recently competed Rugby League World Cup, shared her vast experience in sports operations. Ms Holroyd spoke about the impact of sponsors on events as well as her early experience in attracting sponsors.
Leaving the audience with thought provoking context in relation to the use of sponsors in events, Jilly’s presentation was a perfect Segway into a presentation by the delegates from New Caledonia who showcased their sponsor acquisition process to fund their recent trip to the Asia-Pacific University Futsal Championship.
Located in a remote part of the world it was essential for the team from New Caledonia to secure sponsors to help them go to China to compete.
“With a combination of sponsorship and patronage, we were able to raise much needed funds for the team and make a successful trip to China,” said team manager Eric Michalak.
Toni Lourens from Australian University Sport hosted the remainder of the day and provided the delegates with tools and information on how to formulate a marketing and promotion plan as well as a guide to identifying and securing sponsors.
“Each country and region are faced with similar but different challenges. However the tools and templates we are able to provide them through this seminar enables all of our delegates to return home and be engaged in organising their IDUS plan,” said Mrs Lourens.
Equipped with theory and templates, the representatives from the 17 countries and regions in attendance, actively participated in a workshop where activities were identified for the 2018 International Day of University Sport with a focus on identifying unique opportunities available and potential sponsorship opportunities that may be available.
The evening was spent at the Australian Outback Spectacular where delegates were immersed in a truly Australian experience including a meal and show that told legendary stories of the Australian high country and horseback riders.


New Caledonia representatives present on sponsorship

Seminar delegates immersed in marketing and sponsorship workshop