Fiji National University Rugby League v Australia wrap up

After their game against the Australian team on Tuesday 14th October where a strong visiting side defeated the home team (28-12), 12 members of the Fiji National  University (FNU)  Rugby  League  Team  were selected to play in a combined FNU/University of South Pacific team against the visitors on Friday 17th October .
While many of the players who took part in the Fiji team this year were mostly rugby union players, the combined team went on to defeat the Australian visitors 38-26.

The three game contest (with the USP playing Australia on 9th October), provided good exposure and a new learning experience to the Fijian University players which they hope to further develop. 

Results for all three games:
  •          Australia  vs  USP  -  48  -  0
  •          Austaralia  vs  FNU  -  28  -  12
  •          Fiji  Universities  vs  Australia  -  38  -  26