EUSA Newsletter 04-2015

EUSA Newsletter 04-2015, ISSN 1855-4571

Memorandum of Understanding between EUSA and BEC

On April 18, 2015 European University Sports Association (EUSA) and Badminton Europe Confederation (BEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding as the first step to closer cooperation between both organisations.

The signature ceremony was held in Paris, France on the occasion of the 48th Annual Delegates' Meeting and BEC Gala. On behalf of EUSA, Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, Secretary General and Mr Bastian Kruse, EUSA Badminton Technical Delegate attended the event.

On the Delegates' Meeting, the representatives of the National Badminton Federations from 52 BEC member countries approved the annual reports and strategic plan for 2015, as well as they agreed on some statutory modifications. At the end of the meeting, Mr Gregory Verpoorten, BEC President invited EUSA Secretary General to address the participants. Mr Pecovnik thanked for the invitation and after presented the structure and activities of EUSA, focusing on badminton competitions organised for students.

BEC and EUSA representatives discussed the details of the Memorandum of Understanding and its implementation on a working meeting held after the Delegates' Meeting.

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Great interest for Golf as university sport event - 02 April 2015
  Golf has been a part of the sports programme in European University Sports Association (EUSA) since 2009, when the first edition was organised in Algarve, Portugal. The second edition was held in Otocec, Slovenia in 2011 and the third one in Saint-Saens, France in 2013.
Evaluation meeting of the Sport Employs YOUrope project - 02 April 2015
  Sport Employs YOUrope - Exploring European galaxies of partnership to enhance youth employment and entrepreneurship in sport, project financed by the European Union, was a one-year project, dealing with youth employability in and through sport. The final evaluation and partners’ meeting was held between March 29 and 31, 2015 in Madrid, Spain.
Inspection visit to EUC Football 2015 in Osijek successfully completed - 07 April 2015
  EUSA Technical Delegate Mr Antonis Petrou had the chance to visit the University of Osijek to check the progress in preparation for the 2015 European Universities Football Championship.
EUC Beachvolleyball 2015 Inspection visit - 07 April 2015
  This March EUSA Technical Delegate Daniela Erni Ruoss went to Larnaka to have a look at the location for the European Universities Beachvolleyball Championship 2015.
Reflecting on the March EUSA events in Zagreb - 10 April 2015
  EUSA Office representatives composed by Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, Secretary General, Mr Patrik Perosa, Sports Manager and Mr Andrej Pisl, Communications and Projects Manager visited Zagreb, Croatia on April 8, 2015 for series of working meetings. The EUSA delegation met with the hosts of the recent EUSA events held in Zagreb between March 26 and 29, 2015...
Working meeting in Berlin between EUSA, ENAS and EAS - 17 April 2015
  EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek and EUSA Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik visited Berlin for a series of working meetings on April 12-13, 2015. During their stay in Berlin, EUSA representatives met with ENAS President Mrs Michelle Tanner and ENAS Officer Ms Margo De Lange to discuss the cooperation between the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and European Network of Academic Sports Services (ENAS).
Midterm evaluation training for EVS Volunteers 2015 - 21 April 2015
  More than 15 international Volunteers located in Slovenia gathered in Ankaran, Slovenia, for the EVS Midterm Evaluation between April 13 and 16, 2015. Ms Anna Édes and Mr Niels Nürnberger, both European Volunteer Service (EVS) Volunteers and Project Assistants in the European University Sports Association (EUSA) participated.
EVS opportunities at the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 - 21 April 2015
  European Universities Games Zagreb – Rijeka 2016 (EUG 2016) announced an open call for application for the EVS service in their organization. The foreseen EVS service in EUG 2016 is one year (12 months), from September 1, 2015 to August 31, 2016. Deadline to apply is April 26, 2015.
Joint meeting EUSA, EPC and EUG2016 in Ljubljana - 23 April 2015
  Representatives of the European University Sports Association (EUSA), European Paralympic Committee (EPC) and the organisers of the European Universities Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016 (EUG2016) met in Ljubljana, Slovenia on April 21 for a joint working meeting focused on athletes with disabilities in university sport.
2015 Polish Universities Karate Championship - 27 April 2015
  Polish Universities Championship in Karate WKF took place on 26 April 2015 in Wroclaw, hosted by Wroclaw University of Environment under the aegis of University Sports Association of Poland (AZS). More than 150 competitors from 34 Polish universities came on Sunday to compete in kata and kumite events.
European Universities Orienteering initiatives - 29 April 2015
  The University of Valencia has proposed to the European University Sports Association (EUSA) the inclusion of orienteering in the program of European Universities Championships in the future. The International Orienteering Open, held in Valencia during the last weekend, was the first occasion to discuss the details on proposal between the representatives of the University of Valencia and EUSA.
EUSA at ENGSO Seminar 2015 - 29 April 2015
  The European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) held its annual ENGSO Seminar on April 29, 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal. The Seminar was hosted by the Portuguese Sports Confederation (CDP) and was held at the Sport Museum in Lisbon, attended by participants from Portuguese and European organisations and institutions. ENGSO Seminar will be followed by the ENGSO and ENGSO Youth General Assembly.
2015 ENGSO and ENGSO Youth General Assembly - 30 April 2015
  Lisbon hosted the General Assembly of the European Non-Governmental Sports Organisation (ENGSO) and its Youth section on April 29 and 30, 2015. The Assemblies were especially significant since they were electoral. European University Sports Association (EUSA) attended both events, represented by its President Mr Adam Roczek, Student Commission Chair and EC Member Mr Bruno Barracosa and Communications and Projects Manager Mr Andrej Pisl.

FISU Section
FISU Section
Summer Universiade 2015 HOD meeting - 15 April 2015
  As one of the most important information and communication platforms for the participating countries of the second largest sport event world-wide, the Summer Universiade, the Universiade Heads of Delegation (HOD) Meeting was held in Gwangju, Republic of Korea between April 12 and 14, 2015, with participation of over 110 delegates from 51 countries.
Campus #33 available online - 30 April 2015
  The 33rd edition of Campus Sport, TV show produced in cooperation of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the Eurosport, is now available also online. The latest release was shown end of April. The shows are aired on Eurosport channels in the evenings; please see, or your local TV guide for exact times.

What's up! Section - Student Column
What's up! Section - Student Column
Combatting gender stereotypes in top sports

April’s What's up - EUSA Student Column highlights some gender stereotypes in top sports, focusing on pro cycling. Are Cycling pro tours too hard for women? To some it may seem trivial; to others it could be a mind boggling question. Well, let’s ponder...

The Grand Tours of Road Cycling Races, the Vuelta a España, Giro d’Italia and the most prominent of the three, Tour de France, have one common feature – they are dominated by men. It has always been the mindset that cycling is a sport for men; where women are misinterpreted as the weaker sex, not having the same physical strength as men. Hence, less focus has been given to women in the cycling world. Or maybe because the Grand Tours are races that last longer than 14 days, thus women are seen not to have such endurance.

Now comes the question, is there a female version of the Grand Tours? Miraculously there is one, there has been one and many just didn’t know about it! Just like the men’s Grand Tours, there are the Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale (Women’s Tour de France), and Giro D’Italia Femminile (Women’s Giro D’Italia). Here’s the catch – these tours are relatively unknown! The ugly truth is that it is not about the strength of the women itself, but the general attitude of the people towards women playing sports.

Brooke Miller in The New York Times said: “Women riders do not get enough opportunity to show what they [can] do. The outside world has always been very ignorant or passive of women’s athletic capacity. Cycling enthusiasts are more keen to see men’s cycling events simply because they are more aggressive, and give the spectators more pleasure to watch.”

The International Cycling Union (UCI) has recognised elite level competition in 1959 and also started to honour Women’s World Time Trial Champion at the UCI Road Championships in 1994, meanwhile Women’s Road World Cup has been introduced to women since 1998. Even so, they are still struggling for sponsorships and recognition. The thing is, if women do not receive the same recognition given to men, it is highly likely that this will affect sponsorship available to them. As such, with slim to none media coverage provided, the chances of procuring any sponsorship is practically hopeless.

However, to date there are 35 women’s professional teams registered with the UCI, which is a good start for a radical change. The gameplay is, if the media could give better or more coverage that the men are receiving now, they could assist in boosting women’s presence in cycling and thus help them to secure some of the much desired sponsorships. This will surely open up some potential for women to ride in Pro Cycling Races without any hardship. Well, dear women cyclists, it is your time to be heard!

The author Sofia Rosidi is a student at the University of Hertfordshire, GBR.

Are you a student with an opinion? We are looking for new contributors for our student column every month. Feel free to contact to offer a piece or propose a topic.


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